St. Mary’s Anglican Cemetery

St. Mary’s Anglican Cemetery is known for it’s location on 2nd Ave Russell ON within the Village of Russell.

The original deed indicated that lot 6 or part of lot 11, con. 3, was composed of one half acre, more or less, and was bounded on the east side by Duncan Street and on the south by Liffey Street.  Both these streets have since disappeared.  James and Janet Turnbull sold this land in the sum of five shillings for the on-half acre of land to the Diocese of Toronto in 1856.

The cemetery contains 66 stones which are widely dispersed over the one-half acre.  A number of stones have fallen or toppled over and in some instances cannot be read due to the weight of them.  The earliest death shown on the inscriptions is that of Catherine MORROW, born in 1745 and died in 1807 (stone no. 6).  It is doubtful if this was the scene of the first burial as no other deaths occurred until 1869, that of Catherine KEAYS at the age of 76 years (stone no. 19).  The oldest person to be buried here here were both 100 years of age.  Mary BIRMINGHAM, born 1781 whom died in 1881 (stone no. 31) and William FITZPATRICK, born 1773 whom died in 1873 (stone no. 43).

Three stones indicate military service:  Peter GRIFFIN (stone no. 59), Russell E. YOUNG (stone no. 65), Arthur SAVAGE (stone no.66).

There are more people buried in the Anglican Cemetery who reached the century mark than in the other three Protestant cemeteries:

1875 – 1976    Mrs. Thomas (Bollis) Kinchen (stone no. 58)
1773 – 1873    William Fitzpatrick (stone no. 43)
1781 – 1881    Mrs. John Birmingham (Mary) (stone no.31)
1826 – 1927   Mrs. Thomas Fielding (Ann (Oaks)) (stone no. 28)

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