Anglican Church Women

St. Mary’s group of local Anglican Church Women!

A.C.W. assists in providing spiritual growth as well as financial support within our parish, community, diocese and throughout the world.  Regular meetings are held, every second Tuesday of the month at 1:30pm.  We would love to have you join us then, or for one of our special events.

Please contact Melanie Beaupré at


Events hosted by A.C.W.

February & July

Bingo/Gifts/Social evenings for the residents of Church Street Apartments in Russell


World Day of Prayer ~ 2020 Zimbabwe


Spring Tea & Bales for the North

June & December

Pot luck lunches for our ACW group and any other women church members.


Our meeting is held at the Osgoode Care Centre.  A short service for the residents is coordinated by the ACW, followed by social time.


World Day of Prayer

March 6, 2020 we will host the World Day of Prayer which is a global ecumenical movement bringing Christians of many traditions together to observe a common day of prayer.  Each year, a different country in need (third world nation) is selected to focus and pray for the women and children living with humanitarian needs.  All donations collected at these services, worldwide, goes directly to alleviate the suffering in those areas.

2020 highlights the concerns of women and children in Zimbabwe.


Canadian Outreach Program

BALES FOR THE NORTH is the A.C.W.’s biggest Canadian outreach program. A bale is a box filled with new items such as warm clothing, linens and other small household items. We send bales to 11 communities in the far north such as Iqaluit and Fort McPherson. The items are sold/given to residents who are in need. The proceeds from sold items help support ministry in the North.

Spring Tea





In replacement of our spring bazaar, the Anglican Church Women have launched a successful “Spring Tea” in 2019.  It’s success was in reaching many of our Russell community members.


Christmas bazaar/hot lunch

Our main fundraiser which is well attended by our local community.



A.C.W. support many parish initiatives such as the Christmas Dinner that is held in the church hall for the rural community of Russell township.  We also supported the church basement restoration and relocation of the clothing closet projects.